Spoken English

About spoken English Course :

  • To communicate in English has become neccessary in today's world.
  • Whether you are a student, professional, a job seeker, businessman, entrepreneurs or home maker, English helps you in your professional as well as personal life.
  • You can learn to speak in English Fluently and Confidently. You can learn from an absolute beginner to a fluent speaker.


What you'll learn:
  • Basic of English
  • Verbs
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar Auxiliary Verbs
  • Adjective - Degrees of comparison
  • Adverb - Learn & know
  • Vocabulary - Pronoun - Learn & Know
  • Comprehension
  • Written words spell check
  • Sentences make and speak
  • Interrogation class
  • Group discussion
  • Grammar - Personal Interview training
  • How to prepare a resume
  • Grammar - Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Grammar - Active and Passive voice
Course Duration

2 Months



2-3 hours

Per Day




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